Yushania Maculata Bamboo


Yushania Maculata Bamboo


The Yushania maculata is a fairly new introduction from Yunnan and Sichuan China. It has very distinctive blue grey culms (canes) that eventually fade to green. Its narrow glossy green leaves are sparsely scattered on its canes giving it an open appearance, exposing its beautiful colors. Tolerates light shade to full sun. It is very hardy and tolerates windy conditions. Though it is considered a clumping bamboo, it does tend to spread like a running bamboo.

Yushania maculata
Height x Diameter: Ht. 10'-12'x.75"
Minimum temperature: Hardy to 5ºf.
USDA zone 8-9.
Light: Sun to part shade.  In the Northwest it can tolerate more sun, warmer areas it will need more afternoon shade.
Culm:  Blue/green fading to olive green with age.
Uses: Specimen, hedge, container, screen
Distribution: Yunnan and Sichuan China
Spread: Clumping


The last photo is an example of a #1 (1 gallon) Yushania maculata, however, it is not the exact plant that you will receive.  Your plant will be approximately 1 years old and 1'-2' feet tall.

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