Maya Gardens, Inc. Shipping Information

We guarantee safe arrival of our plants. If the plant arrives dead or with major damage, please email us within 24 hours at Please include a picture of the damage. We will send you a replacement plant free of charge including shipping charges.

The approximate cost of shipping a #1, 1 gallon, size plant:
1  plant                $12.50.
2-3 plants          $20.00.
4-5 plants          $25.00.
6-7 plants          $30.00.
8-9 plants          $35.00.
10-11 plants    $40.00.
12-13 plants    $45.00.
14-15 plants    $50.00.
16-17 plants    $55.00.
18-19 plants    $60.00.
20-21 plants    $70.00.
22-23 plants    $75.00.
24-25 plants    $80.00.
26-27 plants    $85.00.

The exact cost will be calculated in your shopping cart.

We seldom have problems with shipping.  We might delay shipping your order if we feel the weather may effect your plants ability to arrive alive.  We will contact you by email if your order is going to be delayed. 

Plants are removed from their pots and their root balls shrink wrapped for shipping purposes.

Bamboo plants over 4' will have to be bent to fit into our boxes.  Even though a listing may be for 1'-2', they can be taller depending on the time of year.  Please let us know if you prefer that we cut your plant back to 4' otherwise we will bend them to fit. Bent plants may need to be staked to straighten them back out when you receive them.  Occasionally a cane may break during shipping.  This will not harm the plant. 

We ship on Mondays and Fridays year round.

The cost of shipping includes FedEx ground in the continental US, packaging and handling, wilt proofing your order, fertilizer and moisture polymers to keep your plants watered during shipping.