Morning Light Maiden Grass

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Miscanthus sinensis 'Morning Light'

Sometimes knows as “Silver Grass” because of it shimmery silver appearance, this best seller clumping grass is sure to be a graceful and lovely addition to your garden. Its fountain-like appearance is formed from green blades surrounded by off-white margins. It is salt tolerant, attracts birds and will turn to a beautiful yellow-orange in autumn transforming into a winter beige. The Morning Light will provide color and texture to your landscape as it’s arching fronds will sway softly in the breeze adding movement to any garden. Makes an excellent specimen or feature plant in a mixed border or an attractive screen when planted in groups.


Common name:  Morning Light Maiden Grass
Height: 4'-5' 
Spread: 3'
Minimum temperature:  Hardy to -20° F.
USDA zone 5-9
Light:  Full sun to partial shade
Uses:  Container, border, hedge, screen.
Deer Resistant: Rarely damaged by deer
Drought Tolerant: Moderately drought tolerant.
: Early to late fall.
Bloomcolor: Tan

The plant(s) that you are purchasing are grown in individual 2"x4" size containers, which are removed and your plants are shrink wrapped in plastic for shipping purposes.  Plants shipped during the growing season will be approximately 1 year old and 6'-10' tall.  Plants shipped during dormant season will be approximately 4"-6" tall.

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