Fig Tree Planting And Care


Figs should be planted in an area where they can get at least 6 hours of sun light. Preferably in an area protected by winter winds. Make sure your fig gets regular watering for at least the first year.


Figs grow on the new growth of the tree. A Fig should be pruned when it is young, to train it to grow as either a shrub or tree. Pruning a fig in early spring, before it starts to grow for the year, will help it produce more new growth wood, which will produce more fruit.

Growing in Containers

Figs are easy to grow in containers. If your winters are cold, a potted fig can easily be moved indoors, in to an unheated garage, shed, basement or greenhouse. Water container figs ever 4-8 weeks during the winter, just enough to keep it roots moist. Container figs can be moved back outdoors once the weather warms up and the chance of frost has passed.


Mulch fig trees two to four times a year with compost or manures, such as steer or chicken. A 2-3 inch layer would be a good amount. You can also use a slow release fertilizer that is low in nitrogen.

Figs are usually insect and disease free. They are self pollinating, so you do not need a second one in order to produce fruit.