Bambusa Multiplex Hedge Bamboo


Bambusa Multiplex Hedge Bamboo

This is a tropical bamboo with a thick, clumping habit.  It is probably the hardiest of all the  multiplex clumping bamboo that we grow. Though it is supposed to hardy to 12ºf-15ºf  we have seen it take 5f with heavy mulching.   New culms appear late in the Spring.   In the inland valleys of the Pacific Northwest, it usually grows to about 6′-10′.  In warmer areas of California and the South it will grow to its full height of 15'-25'. It makes a great screen or hedge.  Any of our  Bambusa multiplex would make a nice addition to an interior scape.

Height x Diameter: Ht.15'- 25’x1.5”
Minimum temperature:Hardy to 12ºf-15ºf, although we have seen over night winter temperatures as low as 5ºf.  Mulching helps in colder areas.
USDA zone 9a-10. Find your zone here.
Synonyms:  Arundo multiplex, Bambusa glaucescens, Bambusa nana, Arundinaria glaucescens, Arundarbor nana.
Light: Full sun.
Culm: Yellow.
Uses: Container, hedge, perennial, specimen or houseplant.
Distribution: China.

The last photos are examples of our Bambusa multiplex, however, they are not the exact plants that you will receive.

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