Fargesia Robusta 'Wolong' Bamboo


Fargesia Robusta 'Wolong' Bamboo


The Fargesia robusta ‘Wolong’ is a nice midsize clumping bamboo that makes a beautiful privacy screen, hedge or specimen. It grows to about 16′ tall, which is a little taller than most other types Fargesia. Here in the Pacific North West we grow ours in full sun with no adverse effects, but if you live in an area of high summer heat we recommend that you protect it from hot  summer afternoon sun. Morning sun should be fine. One of the big differences between the ‘Wolong’ and our regular Robusta is the leaf size. The ‘Wolong’ has nice, shiny large foliage that is almost twice the size of the Fargesia robusta. The green culms emerge in the Spring with red to orange sheathing. This is a very nice, rare bamboo that would make a nice addition to a plant collection.

High heat mixed with high humidity would probably be fatal for the Fargesia, so this might not be a plant for those in the southeast states.  Try instead, any of our Bambusa multiplex or Thamnocalamus.

Fargesia Robusta
Common name: Wolong
Height x Diameter: Ht 12′-16′ x .75”
Minimum temperature: Hardy to 0ºf
USDA zone: 7-9.  Find your zone here.
Light: Full sun to part shade
Culm: Green culms with orange-red sheathing
Uses: Specimen, hedge, container, screen
Distribution: Sichuan, China
Spread: Clumping


The last three photos are examples of our Fargesia Robusta 'Wolong', however, they are not the exact plants that you would receive. Your plant will be approximately 2-3 years old,  1'-5' tall (depending on container size), with 1-3 culms (canes).

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