Jonagold Apple Tree

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Jonagold Apple

The Jonagold apple is widely grown through out the U.S. It is large and red flushed on top of yellow/green undertones. Its flesh is off white to pale yellow. It is a cross between the Jonathan and Golden Delicious. It is a sweet, crisp apple. It ripens in mid to late September. It is good for fresh eating, baking, juice and cider. It keeps well for a few months under refrigeration. It will need a pollinator, such as the Gala, Empire, Fuji, or Honeycrisp. It grows in a wide variety of climates.

Height: It is a semi-dwarf growing to 10’-12’, but can be kept smaller with some pruning.

Minimum temperature: Hardy to -20f to -30f.

USDA zone: 4-8.  Find your zone here.

Light: Full sun.

Fruit: Large red with yellow/green undertones, white/yellow flesh.

Bearing age: 3-5 years.

Pollination requirements: It does better with another apple nearby, such as the Gala, Empire, Fuji, or Honeycrisp.

Ripens: Sept.

The last photo is an example of a #1 (1 gallon) Jonagold apple, however, it is not the exact plant that you will receive. Your plant will be approximately 2-3 years old and 3’-4' tall.

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