Northcountry Blueberry

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Vaccinium corymbosum 'Northcountry' Blueberry

Blueberries are well-shaped, upright and vigorous plants with dark green foliage. In addition to the berries, blueberries are beautiful ornamental, native shrubs with spring flowers and fall color. They can be included in the landscape as either a single planting, hedge/border or in areas such as native gardens and woodlands. They also make nice container plants for a patio or deck. Blueberry plants are very hardy and long-lived. They prefer organically rich, medium to wet, well-drained acidic soils in full sun to part shade.

Vaccinium corymbosum 'Northcountry'

The ‘Northcountry’ blueberry is a medium sized, sky blue berry with a sweet flavor. It is a compact, dwarf berry that has a prolific amount of berries in early to mid summer, usually June and July. It is compact growing, to 1.5’-2’ tall and about 3’ wide. It would make a nice patio plant. Depending on the climate, it can be semi to completely deciduous. Fall colors are red and orange. It is self pollinating but will have bigger yields with another type nearby.

Minimum temperature: Hardy to -30f to -35f.
USDA zone: 3-9.  Find your zone here.
Light: Full to part sun.
Fruit: Medium, sweet, vibrant blue.
Bearing age: 2-3 years.
Pollination requirements: It is self pollinating but does better with another blueberry nearby.
Ripens: July-August.


The last photo is an example of 4” "Northcountry"  blueberries, however, they are not the exact plants that you will receive.

The plant(s) that you are purchasing are grown in individual 2"x4" size containers,  which are removed and your plants are shrink wrapped in plastic for shipping purposes.  Plants shipped during the growing season will be approximately 1 year old and 6"-10" tall.

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