Holden Rhododendron

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Rhododendron hybrid 'Holden'

Rhododendrons grow best in cooler areas where they are not exposed to hot afternoon summer sun. They like slightly moist, acidic soil.

The 'Holden' is a very compact rhododendron.  It is noted for large clusters of single, open funnel-shaped blooms. The flowers are bright rose-red tinged blue with a dark red blotch and appear early to mid-spring. It has a compact, round and dense in habit. Shiny dark green leaves adorn this medium sized shrub and maintain their shiny appearance throughout the winter. Naturally deer resistant, the Holden is fairly easy to grow and work well as a hedge or privacy screen.

Common name: Holden Rhododendron
Height x Diameter: 4'x4'
Minimum temperature: -15° F.
USDA zone: 5-9
Light: Full Sun to Partial Shade
Uses:Container, border, specimen.    
Deer Resistant: Rarely damaged by deer.
Water: Medium 
Bloom time
: Spring 
Bloom color: Pink

The plant(s) that you are purchasing are grown in individual 2"x4" size containers, which are removed and your plants are shrink wrapped in plastic for shipping purposes.  Plants shipped during the growing season will be approximately 1 year old and 5"-6" tall. 

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