Sasa palmata Bamboo


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Sasa palmata Bamboo


The large leaves on the Sasa palmata, up to 14″ x  2-4″,  adds a tropical look to any garden.   This fast growing dwarf is at home in the under story of  larger  plants and trees.  In its native habitat of  Japan, Korea and Russia it can usually be found growing in woodlands.   It is fast growing, up to 10′.  Its culms turn black with age, adding even more interest to this bamboo.  Looks beautiful if it is used as  a container planting for your deck or patio, around a hot tub, courtyard or entry way.

Sasa Palmata ‘Nebulosa’
Common name:  Okuyama-zasa
Synonyms: Sasa cernua ‘Nebulosa’.
Height x Diameter:    Ht 6’-10'.
Minimum temperature:  Hardy to 5° F.
USDA zone: 7b-10
Light:  Part sun to full shade.
Culm:  Green with some brown to black with age.
Uses:  Under story, hedge, container.
Distribution  Japan, Korea, Russia.
Spread:  Running.


The last photo is an example of a #1 (1 gallon) Sasa Palmata ‘Nebulosa’, however, it is not the exact plant that you will receive. Your plant will be approximately 1 year old,  1'-2' tall, with 1-3 culms (canes).

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