Katherine Havemeyer French Lilac

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Syringa vulgaris 'Katherine Havemeyer'

Lilacs are popular spring ornamentals.  They are upright shrubs with purple, fragrant pyramidal blooms. They make a beautiful addition to borders, hedges and container gardens.  They naturally attract bees, butterflies and birds to your garden and work well for borders,  hedges and container gardens. Naturally deer resistant, they grow best with full sun and partial shade and well-drained soil and grow between 5-12 feet tall. Lilacs are great for fresh flower arrangements. 

The Katherine Hevemeyer Lilac is an old-time favorite for your garden or patio.  This Royal Horticultural Society award winner is very hardy and boasts double purple flowers that fade to a soft lilac pink. It’s fragrance is both beautiful and bold. This lilac grows best in full sun and dryer well-drained soil. It is disease and deer resistent and will bring bees, butterflys and birds to your garden. It works well for a border or privacy screen growing 10-12 feet high. The Katherine Havemeyer Lilac attracts attention in the garden inviting the viewer to create the perfect bouquet for indoor enjoyment.


Common name:  Katherine Havemeyer French Lilac
Height x Diameter:  9'-12'
Spread: 8'-9'
Minimum temperature:  Hardy to -30 to -40° F.
USDA zone 3-11
Light:  Full Sun
Uses:  Container, border, screen, hedge, specimen.
Deer Resistant: Rarely damaged by deer. 
Water: Semi-Moist
: Spring
Bloomcolor: Pink/Purple

The plant(s) that you are purchasing are grown in individual 2"x4" size containers, which are removed and your plants are shrink wrapped in plastic for shipping purposes.  Plants shipped during the growing season will be approximately 1 year old and 6"-8" tall. 

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