Actinidia Deliciosa Male Kiwi


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Actinidia Deliciosa Male Kiwi

Chosen for its long bloom period, our Male Fuzzy Kiwi variety is an excellent pollinator for our female varieties. It will pollinate up to 8 female plants and also makes a spectacular, ornamental vine. Male fuzzy kiwi plants do not bear fruit.

Site and Soil: Fuzzy Kiwi likes 1/2 day to full sun and well-drained soil.
Pollination Requirements: Plant this Fuzzy Male to pollinate Abbott, Blake, Bruno, Hayward,  Saanichton  or Vincent Fuzzy Kiwis. One male plant can pollinate up to 8 female plants.
Hardiness: Fuzzy Kiwi is hardy to 0° F.
Size at Maturity: 8-10 ft. in width on trellis, arbor or other support.
Bloom Time: May
Pests & Diseases: Fuzzy Kiwis are not bothered by significant pest or disease problems.
USDA Zone: 7. Find your zone here.

The last photo is an example of a #1 (1 gallon) Fuzzy Male Kiwi, however, it is not the exact plant that you will receive. Your plant will be approximately 1-2 years old and 2'-3' tall.  Plants shipped in Fall and Winter may not have any foliage on them.

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