Atreano Fig


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The Atreano Fig, also known as Ficus carica 'Atreano,' is a captivating deciduous fruit tree renowned for its sweet and succulent fruits. It produce medium to large-sized fruits with a delightful sweetness. The skin is thin, smooth, and purplish-brown when ripe, while the flesh is pinkish-red, offering a rich and honey-like flavor.

It is a self-pollinating variety, meaning it doesn't require cross-pollination with another tree. However, planting multiple trees can enhance fruit production. It typically ripen in late spring to early summer, offering a delectable harvest during this period. The tree usually begins bearing fruit in its second or third year after planting.

This medium to large-sized fig tree is characterized by its attractive, lobed leaves and a spreading habit, making it an excellent choice for both ornamental and productive gardens.
It typically reaches a mature height of 15 to 25 feet, with an equal spread. The overall size can be managed through pruning, making it suitable for various garden sizes.

It is well-suited for USDA hardiness zones 7 to 11, thriving in areas with mild winters and warm summers.

Fig Tree Planting And Care

Shipping Information

The last photo is an example of a #1 (1 gallon) Atreano Fig, however, it is not the exact plant that you will receive. Your plant will be approximately 1-2 years old and 1'-2' tall.

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