Additional Information

Cold Hardy Bamboo Hardiness List

This is our list of our most cold hard bamboo.  It list all the ones that we grow that are hardy between 0ºf and -20ºf.

Controlling Running Bamboo
A few tips on how to control your running bamboo. 

Bamboo Pests
Bamboo has very few pests.  Here are a few ideas on how to control them should they show up on you.

Bamboo Planting And Care.
Tips on planting, soil, fertilizer, irrigation, and pruning.

Bamboo For Indoors
Some types of bamboo can be grown indoors as a house plant.

Bamboo For Hedges And Screens
Bamboo for hedges, screens, barriers, borders and wind breaks.

Black Berry Planting And Care
How to plant and take care of your

Grapes Planting And Care
How to take care of grapes.

Raspberry Planting And Care.
How to plant and take care of your Raspberries.